Influenza, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue, Ebola, Coronavirus, Tuberculosis, Measles, HIV, Polio, Cholera, Anthrax, Plague, Smallpox and the others; Tiger Mosquitoes and other pest and vectors; CBRN risks, Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics risks are addressed by our two branches of the Health Intelligence Protection Surveillance Agency:

HIPS Systems

  • Bio-risk and bio-threat anticipation, assessment, prevention and mitigation.
  • Bio-event or outbreak detection, investigation and control.
  • Health surveillance and monitoring.
  • Pest and vector surveillance, monitoring and control; WHO International Health Regulation 2005 implementation.
  • Medical intelligence and medical counter-disinformation.

HIPS Consulting

  • Preventive medicine; Health protection; Mitigation and control of infectious diseases impact.
  • Health security and resilience plans; Public health crises management support.
  • Prospective study and strategic assessment.
  • Medical deployable capability design, development, evaluation and audit.
  • Medical support of deployed assets design, development, evaluation and audit.