health services

Identification, prevention and mitigation of health risks in homeland and in remote or hostile environments


Medical and CBRN intelligence


Medical and CBRN counter-disinformation, supported by scientific facts and Evidence Based Medicine

Health risk assessment

Identification of health hazards and anticipation of health risks

Health protection

Reduction or elimination of the incidence and impact of disease and injury


Health or disease surveillance and monitoring for population (development and implementation); Outbreak (natural or intentional) detection


Fixed or deployable medical capability quality and efficiency indicators (development and implementation)

Capability evaluation

Medical capability evaluation, accreditation and certification

Capability development

Medical capability design and development or adaptation of existing capability to a temporary or permanent medical use

Consulting & Audit

Consulting, auditing and planning of health capabilities, fixed or deployable, and health systems; consulting, auditing and planning of preventive medicine programs


Temporary or permanent reinforcement of public health and preventive medicine staff

Training & education

Lecture or course development and implementation

Collective exercise

Collective exercise design, scenario, implementation or evaluation


Foresight study and strategic assessment on health environment and challenges

Plans & programs

Resilience plans, health security plans, public health and preventive medicine program (development, implementation, supervision, evaluation); WHO International Health Regulation 2005 implementation

Medical diplomacy

Cooperation program in public health or disaster relief medical actions (design, development, planning, evaluation)

Public health crisis

Crisis management advice and support; Outbreak investigation and control