Meet the
public health

The HIPS Agency team

Benjamin Queyriaux, MD, MPH Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Benjamin Queyriaux graduated as Medical Doctor from Lyon University School of Medicine (France) in 2001. He is specialized in public health and epidemiology, and in emergency and disaster medicine. He has worked 28 years in the French Armed Forces, up to the rank of Colonel, mainly on prevention, detection and control of outbreak-prone infectious diseases (Influenza, Malaria, Chikungunya, Leshmaniasis, Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction...). Biological risk, natural or intentional, medical intelligence and health surveillance are leitmotivs over all his previous assignments, for the French Armed Forces and Government and for NATO. During his penultimate assignment as NATO International Military Staff Medical Advisor at NATO HQ in Brussels, his portfolio encompassed all dimensions of medical support of operations and medical resilience of Allied Nations.

Benjamin Queyriaux was deployed as emergency physician in Bosnia-Herzegovina and as epidemiologist in Chad, Gabon, Ivory Cost, La Reunion Island, Djibouti, French Guiana, Colombia, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Islands, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Benjamin Queyriaux’s areas of professional focus are prevention, detection, investigation and control of natural or intentional biological outbreaks and epidemics, health surveillance, medical intelligence, medical diplomacy, natural or intentional public health crises management, elaboration and implementation of national or international health security and resilience plans.

Johanna Zuber, MA Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Johanna Zuber graduated as Master of Art (Magister Artium) in linguistics from Munich Ludwig-Maximilian University (Germany) in 2002. After different assignments in the sector of market intelligence and sales for a cable-TV provider and a Munich online bank, she worked five years for a German telecommunication cable operator as project manager, then as department head, for customers’ management and B-to-B sales systems management.

After a short period of management consulting in the domains of telecommunication and energy, she joined in 2010 as head of operations a German energy broker based in Munich.

Johanna Zuber’s areas of professional focus are complex enterprise management with B-to-B and B-to-C dimensions, data intelligence and IT-based project management.

And other team members

Several experienced physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians, epidemiologists and biologists collaborating or having collaborated with armed forces health services or governmental health departments.