to bio-risks

In the field of health, medical and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear), with a focus on bio risk/bio threat:

  • Intelligence, health risk assessment and health protection for deployed staff,
  • Strategic and foresight studies,
  • Information management and assessment, counter-disinformation, information warfare,
  • Prevention, detection, investigation and control of natural, accidental or intentional biological outbreaks and epidemics,
  • Preventive medicine audit or program design and implementation for deployed staff and assets, pest and vector control program,
  • Humanitarian actions and civil-military cooperation design, planning, evaluation and audit,
  • Medical diplomacy and cooperation program design, planning and implementation,
  • Management of natural, accidental or intentional public health crisis,
  • Elaboration and implementation of national or international health security and resilience plans for government or multination firms,
  • Elaboration (design, scenario) and implementation of collective exercise or individual training and education,
  • Disease surveillance, risk factors (toxics, vectors, pest…) surveillance, syndromic surveillance systems design, development and implementation, full implementation of the World Health Organization International Health Regulation 2005,
  • Trauma registry, health registry, clinical data registry design, development and implementation,
  • Activity and quality indicators design, development and implementation,
  • Capability development, fixed or deployable (design, planning, DOTMLPFI analysis, implementation support) or adaptation of existing capability to a temporary or permanent medical use (treatment facility, ground or air medical evacuation…),
  • Capability evaluation and accreditation or certification support,
  • Control of preventive medicine legal risk and legal impact management,
  • Cost-efficiency of outsourced solution in public health and preventive medicine.